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StopTech Cryo Treated Rotors - Slotted Brake Rotor - High-Carbon 126


  • Sale $85.97 $820.18
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StopTech Cryo Treated Rotors - Slotted Brake Rotor - High-Carbon 126
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StopTech Cryo Treated Rotors - Slotted Brake Rotor - High-Carbon 126


  • Sale $85.97 $820.18
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Cryo-Treated Slotted rotors by StopTech are by far the smartest brake disc choice if you're racing, towing, hauling, fleet driving or running over-sized wheels and tires that are taller or heavier than stock. All those conditions create massive heat and this is THE highest quality brake rotor choice you have without having to move up to a 2-piece brake rotor solution. This is it, this is the top and provides the quickest stop. The slotted rotor provides the best brake pad bite and stopping power of any other rotor design. Allow 60 days for cryo treatment time, it's worth it. Sold each.

  • Current ETAs on Cryo due to supply chain issues is 60 days. Order with patience.

  • Quantity: 1 brake rotor per pack.

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Cryo treated rotors by StopTech are often cited as the best way to double and occasionally triple the service life of a brake rotor and add to the metal's durability. That can be important and provide value only if labor costs to change rotors exceeds the typical $30-$35 cost per rotor to cryo treat them plus the rotor itself. For some, they want the longest-life rotor possible to reduce trips to the repair shop. These Cryo-treated StopTech High-Carbon 126 Cryo treated rotors are best, most durable, fastest stopping, one-piece stopping rotors there are.

STOPTECH CRYO TREATED BRAKE SLOTTED ROTORS A Technology from Endurance Racing to Add Rotor Longevity Cryogenic Treatment Reduces Residual Stress, Adds Longevity Ideal for Truck and Tow Vehicles, Pursuit and Fleet Vehicles Increased Initial bite and Wet Weather Response Double Disk Ground For Consistent Friction Surface Superior Resistance To Cracks From Thermal Stress Black E-Coated Non-Friction - Corrosion Protection Slotted and/or Drilled Versions Helps Evacuate Gasses/Dust/Heat Direct OE Replacement Sizing For Perfect Bolt-on Fit Directional Curve Vane Designs On Selected Apps Cryo Treatment Can Be Performed on Any StopTech or Centric Rotor Cryo Treatment Generally Cost About $30-$40 More Per Rotor Please allow 60 business for Cryo Treatment before shipping


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    Towing-Oversized Tires, Street & Track Events, Performance Street, Normal Commute, Extreme & Fleet Duty
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