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Stoptech Cryo Treated Brake Rotors 125 & 120 Versions


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Stoptech Cryo Treated Brake Rotors 125 & 120 Versions


  • Sale $35.03 $415.00
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Cryo treated rotors by Centric - StopTech are often cited as the best way to double and occasionally triple the service life of a brake rotor and add to the metal's durability. That can be important and provide value only if labor costs to change rotors exceeds the typical $30-$35 cost per rotor to cryo treat them plus the rotor itself. For some, they want the longest-life rotor possible to reduce trips to the repair shop. These High-Carbon 125 Cryo treated rotors are best in class. Allow 60 days for treatment time, it's worth it. Sold each.

  • Current ETAs on Cryo due to supply chain issues is 60 days. Order with patience.

  • Quantity: 1 brake rotor per pack.

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Cryo Treated Rotors

Cryo Treated Rotors | 60-Day Cryo- Treatment Process Time, Then Shipped.

What started as a Crew Chief's hidden racing trick (stolen from 24 hour endurance racing teams in the 80s and 90s), to have brake rotors and hubs last longer during a race, the cryo treatment of brake rotors and other metal parts subjected to heat fatigue is a proven method to make them last longer and it has turned into an industry unto its own called Cryogenics and it is big business to this day.

Here's how the Cryo-Treated-Rotors are made by Centric-StopTech: Cryogenic treatment is a one-time stress-relief process that involves both cold and heat cycling of the brake rotor. Using a proprietary computer-controlled process over a 24-hour period, the cryo machine gradually cools the rotors down to -300 º F, then gradually brings them up to over +300º F, and finally back to room temperature. This conditioning of the rotor improves its service life, especially in fleet and emergency vehicle applications.

For drivers who need something even tougher than a standard StopTech® Sport rotor, but are not ready for a big brake kit, these StopTech cryogenically treated Cryo® rotors offer further racing durability.

Any new StopTech® or Centric Premium 1-piece replacement rotor can by cryogenically treated prior to shipment. Cryo treatment typically adds 60 business days for processing and typically it adds about $30 to $35 to the cost of a rotor.


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