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Dynamic Friction Drilled Brake Rotors

Dynamic Friction

  • $40.05 $337.50
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Dynamic Friction Drilled Brake Rotors
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Dynamic Friction Drilled Brake Rotors

Dynamic Friction

  • $40.05 $337.50
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For improved braking efficiency, get the Dynamic Friction Drilled Brake Rotors. These drilled rotors provide better heat dispersion when used more rigorously and provide better water dispersion in the wet, thus giving you a shorter stopping distance. Each DFC drilled brake rotor is designed and engineered in Dynamic Friction Company’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Product details


  • Direct replacement drilled brake rotors engineered to provide smoother stops, less noise, and maximum corrosion protection
  • Ideal for normal city or highway driving
  • Formulated with the G3000/G11H18 cast iron for lasting durability and stability even under adverse driving conditions
  • Stringently inspected during the mill-balance process to ensure proper balance, minimized vibration, and quieter stops
  • Made to match OEM specifications for a precise fit and functionality
  • With a non-directional finish for faster break-in
  • Zinc-plated silver limit the risk of corrosion and ultimately extend their lifespan
  • All DFC drilled brake rotors are produced in the USA

  • From machining and mill balancing to testing and inspection, this rotor is processed following the strictest quality standards to ensure it matches OEM specifications for reliability, stability, and durability. In addition to providing superb braking performance and reliability, the disc is also effective at promoting faster break-in, smoother stops, and quieter operation, thanks to its non-directional finish. And since it is coated with zinc plating, it limits the risk of corrosion on the rotor hub, vents, and edge and ultimately extends its lifespan. Ideal for normal city or highway driving, the DFC drilled brake rotors are the way to go for a smooth braking experience while driving.


    • Recommended Use
      OE Replacement
    • Driving Qualifiers
      Normal Commute
    • Rotor Style
    • Rotor Treatment
      Non-Cryo Treated
    • Budget
      Low-Med Budget
    • Brand
      Dynamic Friction


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