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Dynamic Friction True Balanced Brake Drums

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Dynamic Friction True Balanced Brake Drums
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Dynamic Friction True Balanced Brake Drums

  • Sale $20.00 $308.00

Dynamic Friction True Balanced Brake Drums

Dynamic Friction

  • Sale $20.00 $308.00
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  • High-quality replacement brake drums to suit every vehicle lifestyle and application
  • Engineered using castings of metallurgy for performance, drivability, safety, and durability
  • With high-temperature black paint coating to effectively resist corrosion
  • Machined to the tightest tolerances for a proper direct fitment
  • Precision cut and 100% mill balanced to eliminate vibration and pedal pulsation
  • Meets OE specifications for exact form, fit, and function
  • No modifications required during installation to save you lots of time

Product details


Brake drums wear out over time. But when they do earlier than expected, then it’s time to make that big switch to Dynamic Friction True Balanced Brake Drums! These premium brake drums are made using castings of metallurgy, so they meet or exceed OEM’s strict requirements for performance, safety, and durability. These are also guaranteed to last longer than standard brake drums since they come coated with high-temperature black paint for superior corrosion protection.
What makes the DFC True Balanced Brake Drums stand out from the competition is their true fitment. This means each DFC brake drum is machined to the tightest tolerances, precision cut, and 100% mill balanced to ensure it fits exactly on your vehicle and provides a smooth operation at every stop. Brake drums that are not even in their weight distribution will cause vibrations, especially when driving at higher speeds. That is why the Dynamic Friction Company manufactures its drums using dedicated vertical turning centers and balancing machines to ensure each drum is correctly machined and electronically balanced to guarantee a true fitment and eliminate vibration. It also goes through a rigorous inspection process that measures critical attributes to ensure each drum meets OE specifications. And since it comes ready to install, it will surely save you lots of time during the installation process.



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