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Centric Premium Remanufactured Brake Calipers


  • $58.85 $756.40
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Centric Premium Remanufactured Brake Calipers
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Centric Premium Remanufactured Brake Calipers


  • $58.85 $756.40
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Brake Calipers - Centric - Posi-Quiet

* Some brake calipers are subject to additional Core Charges, additional $25 - $200+ may apply.

Once you Order, we will reach out to you to confirm final core charges. Core charges are refunded soon after our (Centric's) receipt of your original brake calipers.

Custom Red or Black Powder coated brake caliper finish is available, typical turn-around time is 4 weeks and adds about $140.00 per axle set of brake calipers.

Note: Centric Brake Calipers that have part number starting with 141.xxxxx are standard iron finish. Centric Brake Calipers that have part number starting with 142.xxxxx include the brake pads and are therefore called "loaded calipers" and include a Zinc Dichromate finish, or O.E. colored powder coating depending on the application.

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Rated as the best brake caliber rebuilder in the industry, Centric Parts goes beyond competitive products available by local parts stores by deploying stringent and monitored processes using Centric’s custom built testing equipment.

Each brake caliper core that is returned is thoroughly inspected and identified, then meticulous disassembled. All rubber seals, boots and hardware are discarded. Each reusable primary brake component such as body and brackets are quality inspected, thoroughly cleaned and refinished.

Main brake caliber body and bracket parts are then tumble blasted with steel shot to further clean any residual rust or scale left on the brake calipers. Brake caliber parts leave the shot blaster as clean as a new part from the original foundry. 

After shot blasting, all brake calipers are treated with an anti-corrosion finish so good that this aqueous based solution prevents rust and preserves shelf life.

Each and every threaded port or bleeder hole has the threads chased to eliminate cross-threading during installation. This time-consuming process also ensures leak-free performance for the life of the brake caliper.

All bores are both brushed and cleaned to ensure proper fitment and optimum performance of the all new boot(s) and seal(s).

Using appropriate high-temperature lubricant on the piston(s), boot(s) and seal(s) are installed and is done according to original manufacturer’s specifications.

After complete assembly EVERY BRAKE CALIPER is inspected again and is pressure-tested in-house on Centric’s custom engineered and built pressure tester. To ensure that Centric Calipers will work perfect and to original specifications right out of the box, NO brake caliper gets packaged without first getting the green light from our testing equipment.

Only then can Centric pressure-tested and approved brake callipers get boxed, labeled and shipped to you.


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