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Honda CRX

The Honda CRX is a front-wheel-drive sports car that was manufactured between 1983 and 1991. It usually was sold with just 2 front seats but you could also decide to get the 2+2 seating arrangement (a very small back seat). The CRX is very popular for its performance, easy handling, and of course good fuel economy. Even though production stopped in 1991 (the Honda CRX Del Sol took over the 1992 model) they are still a very popular car today and can usually be seen racing on the track.

Why Should I Upgrade My Brakes On My CRX?

In 2006 the CRX received a "poor rating" for the protection of passengers in the event of a side impact. So you should practice as much safety as possible, especially if you use your CRX to race. One of the most efficient ways to obtain maximum safety is by making sure to replace your brake pads and brake rotors whenever the time comes around. This will help the vehicle stop when needed and avoid a lot of collisions. A lot of people choose to continue riding with damaged brakes because they don't want to spend the outrageous amount of $$$$ that some shops charge to replace them. At Buy Brakes, we offer a lowest price guarantee for up to 1 year after your purchase!

How To Choose The Correct Brakes For Your CRX

When choosing brakes for your vehicle, the first step is deciding what you use your vehicle for most. Is it daily driving? Or is it for performance? Either way we have what you need! To the left of the page we have a chart that offers different types of driving styles. Simply click the box that describes yours best and a page will load showing you all of your available options.

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