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Ferrari 360

The Ferrari 360 is an amazing car built from 1999 until 2005. It succeeded the Ferrari 355 and was replaced by the Ferrari F430. With the 360, Ferrari partnered with Alcoa to produce an entirely new all-aluminum chassis that was 40% stiffer than the F355, yet somehow 28% lighter. Along with the new frame was a Pininfarina body style that surprisingly broke the ranks with the "decade's before" sharp angles and flip up headlights. The top speed for this model is 189 miles per hour!

Why Are Upgraded Brakes For My Ferrari So Important?

Needless to say, if you are driving a car that can run down the road at almost 200 mph you need some dang good brakes! This model came with a good braking system but of course, like anything else, it could be improved. When stock, the Ferrari 360 can go from 60mph-0mph in a total of 117 ft. But why not get some aftermarket brakes and decrease that number by quite a bit! After all, upgraded brake pads and brake rotors usually don't cost much more than the stock replacements.

How Can I Make Sure I Get The Correct Brakes?

The best way to match up a set of brake pads and brake rotors is by taking a look at your driving style. If you're someone who wants to race it on the track but also use it as there daily driver we would recommend something such as the EBC Bluestuff NDX Race Brake Pads. On the other hand, if you just use it for driving around town and don't ever race it, the Ultimax Stock Replacement Brake Pad would make a great choice!

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